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The MILES organising team is thankful to all the Jury Members for investing their valuable time and efforts for the challenge.
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About The Challenge

The MILES (M+ Innovation Lab for Energy and Sustainability) Challenge aims to identify and provide a platform to start-ups with ready to deploy solutions in the Clean Energy ecosystem in India.

Launched by Amplus Solar (a member of PETRONAS group) , in association with GoMassive Earth Network , The MILES Challenge is more than just a start-up accelerator for Energy pioneers; it aims to provide them with mentorship as well as give them access to resources in the clean energy landscape. Amplus is committing to support the winners of The MILES Challenge through a seed capital that will help these start-ups to scale up. The seed capital is at the discretion of the management.

Amplus began as a start-up with an idea in the area of distributed clean energy. One of the reasons behind our success was the support we received from mentors and investors who believed in us. With the MILES Challenge, we wish to help other Indian start-ups in the clean energy space achieve their potential
- Sanjeev Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO, Amplus Solar

Ernst & Young LLP will be the Process Advisors for the event. They will be responsible for operationalizing the awards process and moderating the contest.

Focus Areas

Distributed Clean Energy
Any solution that helps expedite the pace of adoption and/or adds economic and process efficiencies in the design, construction and maintenance of distributed clean energy plants for Residential and Commercial & Industrial Consumers.
IoT Applications in Energy
Sensing and analysing data has significant, but not yet fully commercialised, use-cases in the Energy Industry. Any solution that builds on the IoT stack to enable such unlocking is sought here.
Battery Storage
Given the infirm nature of renewable power sources, storage technologies are needed to increase adoption further. We are looking at solutions in the domain of storage integration with renewables which can be commercialised.
Electric Mobility
Any solution which has a focus on adding value to the EV Mobility Space – can be IoT applications, battery integrations, financial inclusion models, etc.

Why Clean Energy?

Communities world-over are putting a huge focus on health and sustainability, even more so in this post-pandemic era. Clean Energy is an integral part of a sustainable lifestyle and has even been acknowledged as one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aim at improving the quality of life of people.

India’s energy story has also seen exponential growth over the last decade, with market development and technological advancements in renewable energy and electric mobility. Identifying and promoting new solutions in this segment as the next step in accelerating India’s energy trajectory.


Mr. Kuljit Singh Popli

Advisor, International Solar Alliance

Mr. Popli serves as an Advisor to the International Solar Alliance (ISA), a treaty-based intergovernmental body, headquartered in India, that works with governments to improve energy access and security around the world and promote solar power as a sustainable way to transition to a carbon-neutral future.
Prior to this, he also served as the Chairman and Managing Director of the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA). He has worked in the Power and Renewable Sector for 37 years.

Dr. Barbara Buchner

Global Managing Director,
Climate Policy Initiative

Dr. Buchner is Global Managing Director of Climate Policy Initiative, and also the Executive Director of its widely renowned Climate Finance program. Named one of the 20 most influential women in climate change and one of the 100 most influential people in climate policy, she advises leaders on climate, energy and land use investments around the world. She also serves on the Advisory Board of the BCFN Foundation, the Steering Committee of the Austrian Climate Research Programme, and the Steering Committee of the UNEP Adaptation Gap Report.
Dr. Buchner holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Graz and was a Visiting Scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Dr. Amit Jain

Senior Energy Specialist,
The World Bank

Dr. Jain works for the World Bank and is managing a $2 billion renewable portfolio across India, Bangladesh and Maldives. He has a Ph.D. in Solar, Fulbright Scholarship from NREL, USA, and Chevening Fellowship from King’s College, London.
He has previously worked with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Clinton Foundation. He has authored two books on climate change policy and waste-to-energy and has several international peer-reviewed journal publications.

Dr. Anne Olhoff

Head, Climate Policy and Planning,
UNEP DTU Partnership

Dr. Olhoff heads the Climate Resilient Development Programme at UNEP Risø Centre (URC) and is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of URC’s activities on climate change adaptation.
Dr. Olhoff has extensive experience in inter-disciplinary climate change adaptation project management at URC, including the CC DARE project, a US$10 million joint UNEP-UNDP program on climate change adaptation in 11 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. She has also been a member of the UN Development Group Task Team on Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change and Rio +20 since 2009.

Dr. Amit Garg

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Dr. Garg specializes in energy, climate change and sustainable development issues and is currently the Co-Chair of IPCC Emission Factor Database and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Carbon Management journal. He is a Lead Author for five reports of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and has also co-authored many books, international research reports and written for international journals.
He has worked on several research and consulting assignments for international organizations including the World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, USAID, the European Union and the UK Government.

Ms. Paula Mariwala

Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs

Ms. Mariwala, an alumnus of Stanford University, is the Managing Director of Seedfund Advisors, a venture capital firm which invests in early-stage companies in India. She is the Promoter Director of Hinditron Group of Companies, one of India’s oldest technology companies.
Deeply engaged in philanthropy, she supports several foundations working in environment conservation, sustainability, education and women’s empowerment. She is an advisor to the SDG philanthropy platform, Social Impact platform iDoBro, and Massive Fund Incubator.

Selection Parameters

Strength of Idea
Business Model
Deployment Readiness
Team Capability

Process and Timeline

Stage 1:
  1. Jan 15
    Launch of The MILES Challenge
  2. Jan 15 - Feb 15
    Application Process
  3. Jan 22
    Ask-me-anything Session with Team MILES
  4. Feb 15 - Feb 25
    Qualification of Applications by Team MILES
Stage 2:
  1. Mar 8 - Mar 9
    Quick Intro Prelim Presentation to the Jury
  2. Mar 18
    Announcement of Green List
  3. Mar 19 - Apr 30
    Green List Training & Mentoring
Stage 3:
  1. Jun 3 – Jun 4
    Presentation by Green List to the Jury
  2. Jul 31
    Selection of the Winners


What the Winners get
  • Seed capital of upto $100,000 for scaling the start-up
  • MILES 2021 Award
  • Media coverage
  • Potential Business Partnerships with Amplus and its partners
  • Mentorship and support from Amplus' energy experts
  • Exposure to VCs and the Energy ecosystem
What the Green List gets
  • Access to GoMassive’s Angel network and an opportunity to present their work to the network
  • Media coverage
  • Mentorship and support from GoMassive experts
  • Exposure to VCs and the Energy ecosystem

Meet the Green List

Delectrik Systems Private Limited

Battery Storage

They have developed energy storage systems based on Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technology primarily for Commercial, Industrial and Utility Scale stationary applications.

Virya Batteries P. Ltd.

Battery Storage

They have an ultra-safe Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion Cell Technology, including the synthesis of materials, electrolyte etc.

Wenergie Ecoworks Private Limited

Battery Storage

They make hardware and software that integrates solar energy with battery storage.

Inoviea ventures private limited

Distributed Clean Energy

They own a disruptive product, "ipanelKlean" in the solar cleantech category.

DeyHaat Connect LLP

Distributed Clean Energy

They develop and operate solar powered pico-grids in rural markets to provide energy access as a service to lowest income generating micro enterprises in rural India.

AHAsolar Pvt. Ltd.

Distributed Clean Energy

An AI powered CleanTech platform that digitalises solar through efficient communication, process management and reporting.

Upgrid Solutions Pvt Ltd

Electric Mobility

They offer a network of tech-enabled battery swapping stations for electric-rickshaws. They are also helping them transition from archaic lead-acid battery system to Li-ion in a cost-effective manner.

MinionLabs India Private Limited

IoT Applications in Energy

Their smart energy management solution helps businesses reduce their electricity costs and improve their productivity by providing real-time device-level electricity consumption insights.

LEDsafari Innovation Pvt Ltd

IoT Applications in Energy

Operating as SmartHelio, they developed edge based IoT sensor and intelligent software to increase life of solar PV and batteries.

Ushva Clean Technology Pvt Ltd

IoT Applications in Energy

They have developed an industry-agnostic IoT edge device along with industry-wise smart solutions that can play an important part in the journey of India’s energy digitisation.

Vecmocon Technologies Private Limited

IoT Applications in Energy

A vehicle Intelligence company working on the core components of electric vehicles and the ecosystem around them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MILES (M+ Innovation Lab for Energy and Sustainability) Challenge aims to identify and provide a platform to early-stage start-ups with ready to deploy solutions in the Clean Energy ecosystem in India. Launched by Amplus Solar (a member of PETRONAS group), and run by GoMassive Earth Network, The MILES Challenge is more than just a start-up accelerator for Energy pioneers; it aims to provide them with mentorship as well as give them access to resources in the Energy Industry.

Launched by Amplus Solar (a member of PETRONAS group), and run by GoMassive Earth Network, The MILES Challenge is more than just a start-up accelerator for Energy Pioneers; it aims to provide them with mentorship as well as give them access to resources in the Energy Industry. Amplus is committing to support the winners of The MILES Challenge through seed capital that will help these start-ups to scale up.

Start-ups based in India working in the focus areas of the challenge can apply for The MILES Challenge. We will be investing in start-ups that can be deployed by Amplus and/or be scaled independently as stand-alone entities. Start-ups with working prototypes & ready to deploy solutions should apply.
Before applying for The MILES Challenge, please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria related to your organization and category you are applying in. Please refer to the Eligibility terms and conditions.

Start-ups should apply before 15th February 2021.

The online link of the application form is available on The MILES Challenge website. Applications must be submitted only through the application link provided. Any entry submitted through other means will NOT be accepted.

Applicants are not charged any entry fee.

A start-up based in India:

  • that works in the focus areas of the challenge.
  • that possesses an innovative and scalable idea.
  • great team known for executional excellence.
  • the initiative/project entered for The MILES Challenge must be a ready to deploy solution or in working prototype stage and should not be in a planning or idea stage.

Unfortunately, your idea would need to fit into one of the categories. However, if you have queries or would like support, please do write to us at mileschallenge@amplussolar.com

Yes, you can apply with multiple entries in one focus area category if each application is for a unique and different idea/solution. In other words, only one initiative is allowed per application in a category.

Your application form will first be reviewed for completeness, eligibility and adherence to the application guidelines, including character limit. Incomplete and ineligible applications will be declined without further review.
After a thorough review, applications that fit The MILES Challenge criteria will be shared to an esteemed jury for evaluation.

Firstly, go through the terms and conditions defined on the website before filling the application in any category. Then, you need to create your account. You must save your application at regular intervals since the website may get timed out after certain intervals and you will lose your data.

All start-ups that apply online will go through a screening process. The names of the final shortlisted start-ups will be included in the Green List. These teams will be invited to give a detailed pitch presentation and product demo to the Jury.

Team MILES provides access to technical experts and seasoned business mentors from the energy ecosystem. Each start-up from the Green List will go through technical and business mentoring which will be facilitated by Team MILES.

The MILES Challenge will happen virtually. The Green List can take us through their product or presentation via a virtual platform.

Yes. All applications will be treated strictly confidential during the entire process. Ownership of patent rights, copyrights, and other similar rights (“Intellectual Property Rights”) to any discoveries, inventions, plans, estimates, content or works, etc. (“Content”) resulting from implementation of the activities under this agreement shall vest in the Start-up, provided that, by sharing such Content with Amplus, the Start-up agrees to grant Amplus (and/or its affiliates, employees, representatives, consultants and advisers), a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable license to use, copy and distribute such Content for the purposes of The MILES Challenge.

The Green List will be given support and mentoring from experts from the energy ecosystem and will have a chance to pitch the product to The MILES Jury. The Green List will be eligible and considered to receive seed capital from Amplus. The Green List will be able to pitch for investment to GoMassive Incubators Private Limited.

The Winners will get a chance to get seed capital from Team Amplus for scaling of the start-up along with the access to the entire energy ecosystem and opportunities for partnership with Amplus and its business partners.

Amplus or GoMassive may, at its discretion, invest in equity in the winning startup/s subject to such winning startup having cleared the due diligence process of Amplus or GoMassive (as the case may be) to the satisfaction of the respective investor and only upon a mutual consensus on commercial terms and documentation with such startup/s.

You can reach out to us at mileschallenge@amplussolar.com

About Amplus Solar

Amplus Solar is Asia’s leading distributed energy company providing low carbon solutions to Industrial and Commercial customers through both on-site solar projects (rooftop and ground-mounted) and off-site solar farms. Amplus owns a portfolio of 800+ MWp of distributed clean energy assets.

Amplus is a member of PETRONAS Group, Malaysia and is headquartered in Gurugram, India with regional offices in Bangalore, Dubai and Singapore.

Amplus is among the largest players in the Open Access segment in India with an operating capacity of about 400 MWp Solar projects across India.

Amplus is also diversifying into avenues such as Battery Storage, Energy Efficiency, Electric Mobility and Residential Solar, to cater to evolving market and customer requirements. HomeScape Solar, the residential solar business vertical, is witnessing a steady growth, with more than 600 homes already solarized.

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